The LG V40 will break records: 5 cameras on the same mobile

5 cameras on the same mobile

Hopefully the successor of the LG V30, the LG V40 I already had your first leaks. Today we echo one that tells us about his photographic section, in which we will see that Breaks records in number of cameras and that will have an improved facial unlock.

Face unlock and 5 cameras?

The LG V40 will break records: 5 cameras on the same mobile

According to data from an Android Police source familiar with the company, it would be working on a successor to the V30, provisionally called V40. The first data affirms that it will have a facial unlocking that will make a 3D mapping of our face, being safer than the ones that currently exist, although this is not safe. What does seem safer is that you will have nothing more, nothing less than 5 cameras

Logically, the layout will be 2 front and 3 rear cameras. The only device that has 3 cameras today is the Huawei P20 Pro, and as expected as happened with the P9 and its dual camera, everyone will embrace the trend. It does not seem far-fetched, but it is curious that it jumps so big, knowing how "conservative" LG is.

The LG V40 will break records: 5 cameras on the same mobile

This triple camera will use the classic LG wide angle, a normal wide lens and a third sensor that could be to gather information, perform the bokeh effect, and so on. Of course, we repeat: these are not official data, so they are subject to doubt and must be caught with tweezers.

For the rest, in terms of design we would continue to have the characteristic notch of the LG G7, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 as a processor and a general design that would become an enhanced LG G7. No more data is known, but it would make sense because LG is not having a particularly good time in its range of phones, and this could revitalize its sales by directly competing with Huawei and consecutively Samsung.