iPhone iOS 13

13 tricks to improve the autonomy of your iPhone's battery with iOS 13

iPhone iOS 13

The battery of the current devices is improving little by little, but we still have to charge our iPhone practically every day. If you have one of the last iPhone 11 you are probably delighted with the battery life, however If your device is a few years old, it is likely that over time you have seen how the autonomous region has descended, if this is your case you should be aware of these tricks that we bring you today.

Configuring several of these tricks and paying attention to the advice that we show below, see how the autonomy of your iPhone increases considerably. They are tricks compatible with iOS 13, and most also with other versions of the Apple system.

IPhone battery tricks

Keep the system updated

It may seem simple, but not everyone does. Keeping your iPhone software updated will make the battery last longer. With each small update Apple is polishing its system and improving performance and also increasing battery performance.

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To make sure you have the latest version of iOS installed on your iPhone you just have to go to Settings> General> Software update. If you see a new iOS update, try to install it as soon as possible.

Check the battery status

For several versions of iOS we can check the current battery status of our iPhone. It is a really useful function since we can see if it is too degraded or in good condition. Also if the battery has degraded too much and your device is under warranty, Apple can change it completely for free.

If we go to Settings> Battery> Battery health We can see what is its maximum capacity. In normal values ​​Apple promises that the battery will maintain 80% of its capacity after two years.

Limit access to app location

Location settings are very important to keep the battery level down, the fewer applications can access our location better for our battery. In addition it is not only important to limit the apps that can access our location, it is also important determine when they can access it.


To correctly configure the apps that can access the location you must go to Settings> Privacy> Location and choose apps and, if possible, select the option “When used” in apps that need this type of access, your battery will thank you.

Use the low power mode

The low power mode is designed to help us in specific cases in which we need to extend the battery of our iPhone, but in the case that the battery of your device does not last long you can use this mode as usual.

The low power mode can be activated from Settings> Battery> Low power mode, or from the Control Center button that has a small battery drawn.

Disable Wi-Fi when you leave home

The Wi-Fi connection is usually only necessary at home or at work, for the rest of the time if it is active only spend battery while being continuously searching for networks to connect to. For this reason, if you have battery problems, the ideal is to disable Wi-Fi completely when leaving home.

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