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Your iPhone keeps in a secret map all the places you've been

important places

You may not know it, but your iPhone saves all recent locations you've been to on a map. It is an optional feature that you can deactivate and that saves the important places for you to offer useful location information in various applications such as Maps, Calendar or Photos.

It is important to emphasize that this data is completely private, this information is encrypted from point to point and neither Apple nor any other company can read it, also obtained without personally identifying you. Once this important detail is clarified, we will learn more about this map with our location history.

How to access the secret map of your locations

Finding this map is not easy since it is something hidden in the settings of our iPhone. The function is called Important Places and this is how you can find it, both for check stored locations to disable this option.

  1. The first thing we should do is to go to the Settings of our iPhone.
  2. Now we enter the section Privacy and then click on Location.
  3. Within location we go down to the bottom and click on System services.
  4. More or less in the central zone we will find Important places.
  5. To enter we must identify ourselves, either with Face ID or with Touch ID.
  6. Inside we can activate or desactivate This option and see our history.

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Location history is saved by different areas where you have been in the past few months, if you want to delete your location history The Clear History option appears below. If you want to remove the specific location of a place just enter and click on Edit.

It's funny at least the information that appears in the Home section, your iPhone knows exactly when you enter and when you leave, even if you've arrived on foot or by car. In the same way you can avoid it without problems and delete all this data.

As we tell you you don't have to worry about this data, Apple has them protected and only certain applications can access them, but they are not associated with your name, so you are safe even if you have important Places activated.