Xiaomi presents: Smart Door Lock

Xiaomi presents: Smart Door Lock

We have known Xiaomi for a long time, it has managed to position itself well in the market by offering a large number of devices not only smart phones that are distinguished by their great relationship price quality, two words that could not be better separated.

With the passage of time and new technologies, the company has also decided to move forward and create gadgets for a not so distant future that being closely related to Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of things.

At the end of this month of November it was carried out the AIOT Developer Conference word game between AI and IoT Xiaomi 2018 and the central theme has been the Empowerment of Artificial Intelligence, All interconnected things.

The event mentioned some advances that have been made in the voice assistant Xiao AI, cooperations with other companies such as IKEA and the presentation of new products among which one that caught the attention was the Smart door lock.

Lock with 6 unlock methods

Together with Mijia, Xiaomi has created this home device with smart lock and some other things.

The unlock methods we can find are: 3D fingerprint reader, NFC connectivity, Bluetooth connectivity or manual unlock PIN.

The lock remains constantly connected to the internet network to be able to interact with other devices inside the home and at the same time with the people inside it. Through the recognition of the people who enter you can adjust the air conditioning or put the music that you like and even control the flow of people in the workplace.

The public launch and price will be available from December 5. What do you think of these products? Do you think AI dominate the world? Let us know what you think in the comment box, we are reading.

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