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Woxter NEO VR1, virtual reality glasses made in Spain at 22.90

Woxter has opted for virtual reality to nurture its product catalog, specifically with the new NEO VR1 glasses, a device that guarantees the user to feel the games of his smartphone like never before and enjoy a unique visual experience, in 3D, futuristic and totally immersive.

Spokesmen of the Spanish leader have contributed the data, adding that the Woxter NEO VR1 come with adjustable focal length, to avoid having double images at all times; also they have high transparency, since these are magnified lenses to visualize SBS stereoscopic images that protect the user's eyes.

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<p>And among others of the plus, it is worth mentioning that this Woxter proposal <strong>It is compatible with most phones on the market</strong>, from 4 to 6 with girscopo function, as well as with Android and iOS.</p>
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