Yu Yuphoria: con Cyanogen 12 y Qualcomm desde 95 euros

with Cyanogen 12 and Qualcomm from 95 euros

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Emerging markets are a reality. India is one of these markets, and the one who is getting the most strength. The brands are slowly building trust and are seeing how their products have a way out in this country.

The terminal Yu Yuphoria It is a terminal created for this type of markets, specifically, that of India. The users themselves are the ones who have put the name to the device, and it has been created to have a low price, but with specifications, quite attractive.

The device has a screen of 5 inches in HD resolution with Gorilla Glass 3 protection. A fairly decent screen for the price of the terminal, and more knowing that it is for this type of markets. To boost this screen have a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 410, a 64-bit quad-core with quite good performance. Next to, 2 GB of RAM They will make this device go smoothly and we can enjoy a good experience.

8 and 5 megapixel cameras for the back and front respectively. Clearly not to be the forte of this terminal, but at least, some images can be captured. Although with a somewhat reduced quality. 16 are the GB of storage with which this device has, which we can expand through microSD.

One of the most interesting things about this Yu Yuphoria is the software, since count on Cyanogen in version 12. So we will have a terminal with Cyanogen based on Android 5.0 Lollipop. Not bad knowing that thanks to the configuration of hardware I could run that operating system well.

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Connect the terminal complete 4G LTE, two SIM slots and a 2,230 mAh battery. No doubt we are talking about a good terminal, which comes to conquer emerging markets with its reduced price and its short specifications.

Be made of plastic, but as we see in the images, we will have a metal frame to give the touch premium That every terminal needs. We will also have a great speaker, signed by Wolfson, which promises a clear and very powerful sound.

The terminal will go on sale on the day May 28 at a price of 95 euros. We can buy it in Amazon India, and from today we can do the pre-sale at 17:00 local time, or what is the same, the 13:40 Spanish time.

What do you think of Yu Yuphoria? I'll buy?