¿Recibirán Android 11 los móviles de Huawei y Honor?

Will Android 11 receive Huawei phones and Honor?

Will Android 11 receive Huawei phones and Honor?

It is one of the biggest doubts of the entire industry, and after seeing the Huawei Mate Xs live and direct, the truth is that Little information could we get from the Chinese giant about the future and its strategy with Android 11, Google services and the upcoming updates of its mobile operating system.

In fact, it is that with Android 11 Developer Preview 1 already available for installation on the first compatible devices and with tens of thousands of Huawei smartphones and tablets activated in our markets, nobody has come to the fore to explain what will happen with Huawei phones and their support for new versions of Android, either older cases with Google Play certification or new devices with HMS … And this is an explanation that the market urgently needs!

Not in vain, and although there is no longer veto by the Trump administration, now Don't be a fan from Huawei by denying Google services and the rest of the American technology, and integrating on the basis of Android Open Source your own service platform Huawei Mobile Services -HMS, for friends-, and without news at this point of a HarmonyOS that seems not to be ready for this exercise.

What will happen to your Huawei phones? Well, good question … Let's discuss it with data and a little imagination!

Will Android 11 receive Huawei phones and Honor?

Huawei, HMS and a life beyond Google

There's no going back for a distrustful Huawei, who already introduced us last year to its Huawei Mate 30 with an Android away from Google to announce shortly after that they will not use Google services again no matter how much the United States lifted the veto. The damage is done, and the road walked cannot be retraced for the Chinese giant.

There have been many expenses and resources allocated to the development of Huawei Mobile Services, and now that they start to get off to a firm foot, they don't want to go back from Shenzhen, now far from their goal of becoming the world's largest smartphone maker by 2020 only because of the Trumpazo, and it is that at the operational level they would have surpassed Samsung a few months ago.

The only thing true in all this is that Huawei has lost its ties with Google, Microsoft, Qualcomm or Intel, among others, but it had the advantage of already using its own components in its majority, such as HiSilicon chipsets, so the biggest loss was that of Google services and APIs, strongly linked to the experience of an Android that at its base remains Open source.

And on that basis of open code is where Huawei has integrated its HMS to provide your mobile with an app purchase service, another location and map service, and a long etc. to extend this to all the basic needs of EMUI to function properly, Huawei’s customization has now become a fork on Android.

This is the key, Huawei now operates with a fork about Android that we can compare to the Amazon Fire OS or to the recent times of Cyanogen OS, without Google services and with many doubts about the compatibility of hundreds of apps and updating to future versions of the operating system.

Will Android 11 receive Huawei phones and Honor?

But some Huawei phones received Android 10, and they still use Google Play!

This is true, both are, and that is that most Huawei and Honor devices prior to the US veto continue to have their Google Play seal and certification, so they can continue to use, and still use, Google Play Services.

It was the Huawei Mate 30 that they released that Android without Google, and although they are certainly far from the search engine company, s have received the base of Android 10 along with a lot of other devices such as the Huawei P30 family, the P20, Mate 20, MatePad Pro, Nova 6, etc …

Honor has also launched several devices with Magic UI 3 based on Android 10, like the Honor V30 and V30 Pro, updating some of its most important old devices.