Desarrollador de videojuegos

Videogame designer, a profession with a lot of future

Videogame developer

PUBG, Fornite and Call of Duty, to name some of the best known titles in the world of consoles and PC, are some examples of the interest of this platform for large studios. Be a videogame designer It is a profession with a future and not only if you work in large studios.

And as expected, this future is not only in the new consoles that both Sony and Microsoft plan to launch at the end of the year, but rather is found in mobile devices, an inexhaustible source of income for large studios that They have decided to bet on this platform.

Videogame developer

Alto’s Adventure

Monument Valley, Machinarium, Stardew Valley, Lumino City, Alto’s Adventure, Goat Simulator… are some examples of small independent studies that have won the favor of the public and critics. If you have imagination and desire to work in the world of video games, the only thing missing is the necessary training To fulfill your dream.

Most of the independent titles that I cited in the previous paragraph, do not require powerful smartphones (such as the case of PUBG, Fortnite or Call of Duty) and mix a fantastic gameplay, with a soundtrack that accompanies at all times and a very worked design.

Necessary knowledge

Videogame developer

To be a video game developer, you need programming knowledge first. If you don't have design knowledge, during your training you can contact other people who know about design and music, two equally important parts in the creation of a video game.

Like it or not, English is the universal language that anyone should know in order to speak all over the world. although it is not the most spoken language. In the programming of applications or videogames, it is not strictly necessary, but help a lot, since most technical documentation is in the language of Shakespeare.

The easier it is to learn its mechanics, better than better. Two clear examples of simple mechanics are found in Alto’s Adventure and Monument Valley. In Alto’s Adventure, we just have to press on the screen to jump over the obstacles that we encounter along the way. In Monument Valley we have to move the character by clicking on where we want it to move.

Casual games, those we use in dead times that we have throughout the day, they are the most attract users' attention, because it is not necessary to invest a lot of time to enjoy it, however, not everyone looks for or needs this type of games. Games that tell us a story, like Machinarium is a clear example.


Videogame developer


Although both the Play Store and the App Store have a large number of games available for download for free, with a large number of in-app purchases and ads every few seconds, not everyone is willing to pay on a recurring basis or unable to remove ads through a single purchase.