Uber adds very useful function to better understand the driver

Uber adds very useful function to better understand the driver

The Uber mobility platform announced new additions in its application so that the relationship between the driver and the passengers is more fluid.

One of the useful things is a real-time translator in partnership with Google Translate, so that in the chats between the driver and the user they can be more fluent when there are language problems, either because you are in another country of a different language, or because the person who drives or who asks for the car is a foreigner.

"We anticipate that this will be of great help to drivers whose primary language is not English," Uber wrote in a blog post on Thursday. "And for passengers when they travel to a foreign country."

Another of the new features that the app will have is that now there will be more detailed information to know where the driver is when you request the trip, how long it will take exactly where you should meet a driver, where to walk, and useful instructions for navigate in large and catholic areas, such as an airport, stadiums or event venue.

"We have also made the text in the application more understandable and visible when a driver is approaching arrival," said Uber. "When your trip is nearing completion, you will also receive reminders about the safe departure of the vehicle."

These are not the only updates that Uber has incorporated lately, since it has also placed special emphasis on safety, as a special help button in case an accident or incident occurs in the car to communicate quickly with the police, in addition to a pin of four-digit safety that is given to the driver when the race arrives, to determine with absolute certainty that this is the driver and the car assigned for the trip.

Another novelty announced by the mobility platform in recent days is the signing of a commercial agreement with Adomni, advertising technology company, with the aim that vehicles working for the mobility platform show advertising on their roofs and as The business has another source of income.

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