Sonic Juegos Olimpicos

Tokyo 2020 is seen in a trailer

Sonic will make the leap to mobile platforms from the first week of March, just after SEGA has confirmed the title of the Olympic Games: Tokyo 2020. He is well known for having succeeded in consoles, but now he wants to do it on devices with the Android operating system.

Sonic at the Olympic Games: Tokyo 2020 will be free, but they indicate that to play it in full it will be necessary a payment to unlock certain areas. Users can already start pre-registration to be notified of the availability of the title in the Play Store, which as indicated will be on March 7.

SEGA wanted to choose not to include anyone from the Nintendo family this time, betting on the characters in the entire saga of their Sonic videogame. Among those that appear is the own Sonic, Tails, Doctor Eggman, Knucles or Amy Rose, among others to choose once you open the application.

Games available

Initially there will be about 15 accessible events, javelin shooting, karate, fencing, table tennis, jumping, 400 meters smooth and many others to be defined. In addition to the Olympic events, it will feature mini-games with which to compete with other users online, having to break their personal brands.

Sonic Olympic Games

Competitiveness is the strong point of this title, just take the trick on the touch screen, necessary if we want to take control. For this there will be a small start tutorial before starting to compete in each of the events of the Olympic Games.

If you have previously played any of the games of Sonic in the Olympic Games is quite fun and above all you will have to be competitive if you want to win the opponent. Sonic in the Olympic Games: Tokyo 2020 will work in versions higher than Android 5.0, therefore it is suggested to be updated for better performance.