This malware for Android is practically immortal, and there is only one way to stop it

This malware for Android is practically immortal, and there is only one way to stop it

The malware Android, iOS, Windows and Mac is a subject that cannot be taken lightly, every day new types of malicious software are created that aim to steal data or harm our computers. However, if we get infected with malware, the most common way to eliminate it is to uninstall the program or application that is infected, or delete the folders that contain the malicious files of our device, and if we want to be totally sure that we have deleted malware, then resetting the device to its factory settings is enough, but unfortunately we have bad news.

The people of Malwarebytes have discovered malware that is even able to resist formatting the device, and manages to reinstall without problem when we reconfigure the device, that is, the malware is practically immortal.

xHelper: a malware that still has no cure

Researchers have not yet managed to discover exactly how this malware manages to appear again despite formatting a device, however, they have discovered a way to stop it, although it is not precisely a simple way to remove it.

The malware in question is xHelper, which was discovered last year, and fortunately it has not spread to critical levels, because so far it has only been found in 33,000 devices, and most of them are in the United States.

xHelper aims to allow code execution
remotely to control the device.

Researchers have discovered that it is impossible to manually delete the folders where malware is hosted on the device, and not even formatting the device can be deleted. How is this possible? That question still does not have an accurate answer, but several details are known about it.

The toughest malware ever seen on a phone

Researchers have cataloged this malware, and its high
Resistance is because this malware is hosted on Google Play. How ?, that is
the doubt until today, but this malware manages to stay in the folder of
Google Play, for this reason it is impossible to delete it despite formatting the
phone, because these folders are never deleted from the device, however,
until today there was no malware capable of accessing these
folders, because only Android and Google should be able to do so.

Therefore, the only solution to stop malware until
It is now deactivating the Google Play Store, and then manually removing the
system folders, the problem is that this solution is not easy for the
Most Android users, so removing it is almost impossible.