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This is the real reason why Google decided to create Android

On several occasions we mentioned that Google was not the
responsible for creating Android, in fact, when Andy Rubin created the system
operating that today have more than 2.5 billion phones, this was not
Designed for phones, but for digital cameras.

What led Rubin and Google has radically changed the path of Android was iOS and the iPhone. In fact, Tim Bray, who was one of the people close to Android in the beginning has told what was the reason why Google decided to change the direction of Android.

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<h2>Google didn’t want an iPhone, it wanted Apple not to take the profits of<br />
your big business</h2>
<p>Tim Bray started working at Sun Microsystems, a company<br />
responsible for Java, the programming language most used in the creation of<br />
Android applications In fact, this company was bought by Oracle, which<br />
for years he had legal fights with Google because the operating system of the<br />
Great G largely uses Java code.</p><div class=

After his time at Oracle, Bray became part of
the ranks of Google, where at that time I coincided with Vic Gundotra, who in his
moment was the maximum responsible for Google+. Gundotra interviewed Bray in his
hiring process, and during the job interview Bray asked
Gundotra why Google was creating Android, as Bray even mentioned
that Android looked like a project that could be forgotten, to which the
Google executive mentions:

«The iPhone is a very good product. And it is likely that with this Apple will have a monopoly on mobile devices connected to the internet. It means that they will be the gate keeper of everything, even the ads, so they can even set their own prices. This is an existential threat to us (Google). Android doesn’t have to win, it just has to get enough market for diversity and competitiveness

According to the words of Gundotra, Google did not want Apple
will take away part of the mobile advertising business with iOS, because just the
Advertising is one of the main businesses of the Mountain View company.

In the end the story we already know, Android has a much larger market share than iOS, and it is Google that imposes its prices that Gundotra spoke at the time, because although Android is free for manufacturers, it requires paying a price, and is to install the applications and services that Google wants to be used in all its phones.