They develop an intelligent honeycomb that warns when it is wet

They develop an intelligent honeycomb that warns when it is wet

The model developed by MIT uses RFID tags that send the warning to a computer or smartphone to warn that the paal is wet

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the United States have developed an intelligent honeycomb with a humidity sensor that can notify caregivers when it is wet.

The sensor consists of a passive radiofrequency identification (RFID) label that is under the super absorbent polymer layer of the honeycombs.

The researchers, who published the study in the journal
IEEE Sensors, explain that when the layer gets wet it can activate the RFID tag to send a signal to an RFID reader that is up to a meter away.

In turn, the RFID reader can send a notification to a mobile phone or a computer, as detailed by MIT in a statement
on their website.

The researchers also stress that RFID tags are more affordable than the technology used by other alternative smart panels, since the fabrication of these sensors could cost around two cents.

However, some companies are considering introducing wireless or Bluetooth humidity sensors, which will require large batteries. In addition, it is necessary to clean these sensors to replace them in each paal. These sensors will cost more than 40 dollars.

"The diapers are not used only for babies, but also for the elderly or patients who are confined to bed and cannot take care of themselves," said the laboratory research assistant
MIT AutoID, Pankhuri Sen, who has detailed that these paales may notify nurses when they have to change one of their patients.

In addition, 'smart honeycombs' can prevent skin rashes and some infections such as urinary tract, both in adults and children.


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