Mobile Photography Awards foto ganadora hecha con un iPhone

The winning photo of the Mobile Photography Awards was made with an iPhone

Mobile Photography Awards winning photo made with an iPhone
As confirmation of the quality of camera system that Apple He has been in charge of developing for his iPhone, many artists and photo enthusiasts have had the opportunity to capture incredible works that have nothing to envy to the most sought-after professional cameras. But, in order not to enter into the inevitable comparison between traditional and mobile photography, fortunately the latter has its own recognition space. And this year the iPhone XS camera has been the protagonist.

In its ninth edition the event Mobile Photography Awards, has encompassed 20 recognition categories in search of a convincing vision of a new and innovative environment. This year has been evidence that the iPhone continues to be the device most used by its participants. However, there are some winning photos taken with Huawei or Samsung, and even older phones, like the one taken from a iPhone 6S and recognized as the best in the self-portrait category.

Portfolio iPhone XS winner Mobile Photography Awards

In this opportunity, the first Prize went to the German artist Daniel Heilig, who was born in 1985 and remembers that his first camera of any kind is an Apple iPhone 3GS. As can be seen on the official site of the awards, Heilig's winning portfolio of images was taken with an iPhone XS Max, and suggests that the mobile photography allows a new type of creativity, determined more by the tie than by the artifice. In his speech Heili affirmed:

The balancing act is no longer about static and raised situations, but about critical distance and emotional commitment, empathy and voyeurism.

For his part and before the variety of images displayed in all categories, Daniel Berman, founder of the express prizes:

The ninth annual edition of the Mobile Photography Awards is a testament to another year in the rapid evolution of mobile phone cameras, both technologically and artistically.

Everything that can be achieved thanks to the Apple mobile camera is undeniable and now even the awards confirm it!