The PayPal application specializes in sending money to your friends

The PayPal application specializes in sending money to your friends

Mobile payments are one of the great changes of this decade in mobile phones. We have different forms of payment depending on mobile phones, operating systems and banks.

But there is another service that becomes increasingly important: the sending money between our contacts. There are many applications that have focused on it and now Paypal wants to regain his throne.

Until a few years ago this service was more important when making online payments and sending money to individuals but the competition has tightened a lot. Now the company has renewed its mobile application in some markets to focus on this function, although without neglecting the options we already had.

The PayPal application will focus on sending money to your friends

With the latest update the Paypal application will revolve around being able to send money to our contacts in a convenient and free way. Until now this function was available but something hidden and with the new design comes to the fore. With the new interface the main screen will allow us to choose the amount, the recipient and in a few clicks have sent the money.

Despite this, the application will continue to maintain the functions it had before, such as mobile payments or the management of our bank accounts or credit cards.

Security through the use of the fingerprint is maintained, so it will be very easy to authorize these small money transfers.

At the moment this update has been released in some specific countries such as Australia or Italy but will gradually reach the rest of the markets. If you still do not have it available in the Google Play Store you can download the APK directly from APK Mirror and install it manually on your smartphone.