The new Uber fare you charge for the time you leave it waiting.

Because at the moment there are not enough tariffs, application fees or government contribution, the most used private taxi company in the whole country starts charging users for every minute we leave waiting for a driver after having reached the point of departure.

What is most surprising among users is that the Uber platform announced this decision without making a single statement to the press, instead discreetly publishing on its blog since last March 13.

The private transport company mentions that with these changes it hopes to encourage punctuality within its community, and that users can give back to the driving partners for their effort to arrive at the starting point on time.

Apparently the cost for every minute we wait for our Uber driver to be equivalent to the minute of travel in the application, and this will be applied after two minutes after the driver has arrived to pick us up. However, this cost varies greatly depending on the city or the type of car.

I also mentioned that Uber Pool trips will be exempt from this fare, and also will not be charged when the trip is requested at certain airports or places, although again the company is not accurate with this information.

In addition to all the above mentioned, Uber has also reduced the cancellation time of a trip from 5 to 2 minutes, so if you need to cancel your trip without being charged a fee you will only have 120 seconds to do so.

Although we know that the decisions taken by the company are to improve the productivity of its workers, they should consider that on many occasions drivers make a series of mistakes which we end up paying the same users, either because they cancel our trips repeatedly, even Take different routes to mark a much longer trip and of course the cost of the fare is different.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that if Uber does not start improving its driver service, possibly one of the new Taxi services that are appearing in Mexico, they could become a real threat.