iPad Pro 2020

The new iPad Pro with 3D cameras starts production

iPad Pro 2020

Just a few hours after learning that Apple has prepared a keynote for March 31 to present the new iPhone 9 / SE 2, as long as the rumors are true, we get new information about the possible new iPad Pro.

Segn has reported a few moments ago Digitimes, the new iPad Pro with the iPhone 11 Pro camera system just started to be manufactured and its most likely release date is throughout the month of March. Joining both rumors everything indicates that Apple will present it along with its new iPhone.

A limited release

We already know that Apple partners are having trouble manufacturing their devices, the coronavirus has drastically reduced production and this can alter the company's launch plans. According to today's report, Apple may delay the launch of the new iPad Pro until April, something that fits a presentation on March 31, or start sending it before in limited quantities.

iPad Pro 5g

Digitimes stresses that production will not stabilize until April and that Apple will be able to manufacture around 3 million iPad per month. As for the new device, it is reported that the new iPad Pro will have a triple system that includes a 3D ToF sensor or flight time.

East ToF sensor help iPad measure distances and dimension objects in the real world with augmented reality applications. This year's iPhone 12 is also expected to include a ToF sensor that could help both in portrait mode and in these same augmented reality apps.

Finally, it should be noted that at all times Digitimes The new model speaks like a “12-inch iPad Pro”, this is somewhat strange since the current models of iPad Pro are 11 and 12.9 inches, we do not know if it is a mistake or that Apple will change the screen sizes again.