The new Galaxy S10 arrive at T-Mobile

The new Galaxy S10 arrive at T-Mobile


Angela Lang / CNET

Like many other US operators., T-Mobile started selling the three new Samsung Galaxy phones today: Galaxy S10, S10 Plus and S10E.

T-Mobile is offering its customers up to four phones Galaxy S10E new for $ 40 each, when they redeem an eligible device (one per new phone) or add a service line with their AutoPay option (automatic payment), which automatically deducts their monthly payment on a bank credit card or checking account .

The company also offers up to $ 390 off the Galaxy S10E, Galaxy S10 or Galaxy S10 Plus with an eligible exchange or when a new line is opened. New customers of the T-Mobile ONE plan and those with a single existing line and who add a second line will be eligible for a free third line (using AutoPay).

But T-Mobile is not the only one. There are currently a lot of promotional offers on Galaxy phones. Verizon Wireless offers a buy one promotion and get one free: When you buy one of the three new models, you will get a 128GB Galaxy S10E free entry level, or a discount of up to US $ 750 on a more expensive model.

It is worth noting that T-Mobile payment plans divide the cost of phones in 36 months, unlike Verizon, which divides it into 24 months. As such, monthly T-Mobile payments are lower. With T-Mobile, for example, the Galaxy S10E costs US $ 20.84 per month (retail price US $ 749), the S10 costs US $ 22.23 per month (retail price US $ 899) and the S10 Plus costs US $ 22.23 per month (retail price US $ 949 ).

Neither Verizon nor T-Mobile charges interest on their monthly payment plans.

To celebrate the launch of the new phones, T-Mobile is organizing a skydiving simulation event in New York City, which seeks to emphasize its claim that it is the "fastest LTE network" in the United States.

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