Motorola One Zoom

The Motorola One Hyper will be presented on December 3

Motorola One Zoom

The Motorola One range has grown at a good pace This year, with several models released so far. The most recent has been the One Macro, which arrived a month ago in Spain. A month ago rumors also began about the existence of a next phone within this range, which would be called Motorola One Hyper. It seems that it will arrive soon.

Until now, only the Motorola One Hyper name had been confirmed, but there were no details. There are new details now about this phone, in addition to being rumored that it could be officially presented this December. Although this is not something confirmed.

According to the new data, the Motorola One Hyper would be presented on December 3 officially. As usual in the brand, its presentation would take place in Brazil, one of its main markets. This phone would arrive with a telescopic camera, since the focus of this range is on photography.

Motorola One Hyper presentation

On a technical level, like the rest of this range, it would be a mid-range phone. I would use Snapdragn 675 as a processor, with a RAM of 4 GB and 128 GB of storage. While it would use a double rear camera, with a main sensor of 64 MP and a secondary one of 8 MP, while the front camera would be 32 MP.

The brand has managed to leave us with interesting phones in this segment, thanks to this range. So there is interest in seeing what this Motorola One Hyper has to offer us, especially to see his telescopic camera. In addition to being the first of the brand to use a 64 MP sensor as the main sensor.

If this date is true, then just five days separate us to know everything about this Motorola One Hyper. As more is known about the phone or its presentation event, we will share that information with you. What do you expect from this new company mobile?