The most successful Google Play Game: Tigerball

The most successful Android game on Google Play: Tigerball

There are curious proposals in the Google Play Store regarding Android games but few with so much success and with an eclectic design like Tigerball.

This proposal is the definition of casual play, a quick game that we can make at any time: waiting for the bus, in the break to heat the food in the microwave …

Tigerball is a game of contrasts, a digital version of the popular game of hitting a ball in a bin or bucket dodging some obstacles.

The most successful Google Play Game: Tigerball

Rare design but real physics

The design is quite curious, with digitally made pieces and backgrounds that give the feeling of being hand painted.

The ball uses the Unity engine to generate a very realistic impact, displacement and rebound physics. This is also seen in the movement of it, the launch that we provoke when we push it by touching the screen.

The most successful Google Play Game: Tigerball

Limited lives and bombs

We will have a few lives to be able to advance as much as possible and that is that with each failure, with each shot that does not end inside the cube we lose one. We must see how much progress can be made before spending them all.

However, we can watch a video every ten minutes to obtain coins, which we can spend buying lives or bombs, with which metaphorically we will fly the structures that block the passage of our ball towards the hole of the can. Actually, the use of a pump is what we do directly by winning the phase.


We can also change the ball as we move forward in the game and unlock the different designs.

We can download it for free although there are purchases within the application: