The ingenious way to look at notifications on Surface Duo

The ingenious way to look at notifications on Surface Duo

As new developments and designs of previously unthinked phones appear, questions also arise that no one had raised. What happens, for example, when a device without an external viewfinder is closed and the user hears the call or notification bell?

Although it is not the most orthodox that we have seen, the truth is that Microsoft strives to find an at least ingenious solution to avoid a complete deployment of its brand new Surface Duo dual screen phone, which will surely force the use of both hands.

At least this is a couple of videos leaked on Twitter by the user WalkingCat, which show an option not yet baptized, but that we could perfectly name Preview, which operates by slightly separating the faces of the device, revealed by the firm of Redmond in its October 2019 event.

With it, it is enough to look at the telephone in particular the right screen to know what the call is or to look at what application the notifications correspond to. From the registry, it is also inferred that we could also eliminate the strips that do not seem relevant to us.

The Surface Duo represents Microsoft's return to the mobile market. In addition to two 5.6-inch screens that rotate in 360 degrees, the team is characterized as a kind of miniature of the Surface Neo tablet, which boosted with Android.

As soon as we met him, we reported that it was a device that stands out for its top-level finish with an imposing logo of the windows on the back and a thin, light and compact body, which makes it easy to take anywhere.

For the company led by Bill Gates, the mobile is the perfect balance between productivity and mobility, given that it has the best of Microsoft and Android, which is not a little to say, thinking about the infinite alternatives that we can find in Windows and Play Store.

The date of its launch remains in the unknown. The firm has barely limited itself to setting it for the 2020 holidays. We assume that it has referred to the summer period of the northern hemisphere, so we should have it between us in the middle of the year.

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