The Huawei Mate 20 Lite now receives EMUI 10 with Android 10 ┬╗ERdC

The Huawei Mate 20 Lite now receives EMUI 10 with Android 10 ┬╗ERdC

The Huawei Mate 20 Lite now receives EMUI 10 with Android 10

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Last year, Huawei began implementing the EMUI 10 update for the Mate 20 Lite in Europe. This was the prelude to the global launch of the Huawei user interface based on Android 10. The company has already begun to bring the latest version of EMUI for Mate 20 Lite users worldwide.

The new update has versions EMUI and EMUI depending on the region. Both versions have a weight of approximately 4 GB. To verify the update, you have to go to system configuration Software update Search for updates. If the update is available at that time; You will be asked if you want to download it. An alternative to update verification is to open the HiCare application Update Search for updates.

The performance and smoothness with which EMUI 10 runs are presented at a higher level in Mate 20 Lite models. The company has even been responsible for adding a dark mode in which the entire system adopts this dark mode; Even those applications that do not have a dark mode are required to comply with this. The system configuration is better organized in this new version. The operating system is designed to offer a better experience when working with other devices; as, for example with a laptop with Windows 10.

EMUI 10 has the ability for the Smartphone to project its screen directly on a Windows 10 device; In this way it offers a synchronized work experience. The update also has features inherent to Android 10.

The Huawei Mate 20 Lite device had its launch in 2018. The device equips a Full HD screen and has a size of 6.3 inches; the screen also has a resolution of 2340 x 1080 pixels and an aspect ratio of 19.5: 9; It offers a pixel density of 409ppi. As for the design of the Mate 20 Lite, it implements a notch in the form of water on the screen. The processor responsible for bringing the device to life is the Kirin 710.

It's a good thing to note that a model that already has almost two years in the market is receiving the new Android update. However, it is very possible that this is the last update that the Huawei Mate 20 Lite is receiving; exactly for the years it has already since its launch. For any new information, we will be attentive to send it to you.


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