The flexible Sony screen will be very particular

The flexible Sony screen will be very particular

Many brands are rising to this trend of flexible screens and although we still do not have specific information on each of them, it is expected that each company will put their personal stamp on each team to differentiate themselves from the competition.

One of the brands that has not caused a stir for a long time is Sony if he has released one or another phone, but meh And maybe it's because of this new trend that we hear more about their devices.

Although a flexible screen is not enough, with the information released by LetsGoDigital we know that Sony has patented a terminal With flexible and transparent screen.

According to the images, the device will have rear and front screen. At the same time you can see a diagram in which one screen is supposed to bend and another to roll up, which makes us think that perhaps it is not just information for a single model.

The fact that the screen is transparent impresses, but the truth is that we cannot think of the function this will have. Each of the screens mentioned above will have three modes: no transparency, semi-transparent and totally transparent.

Well, the Japanese company has been working on something without warning and it will be a pleasure to be able to look at these applied patents for the following year. And as I said before, 2019 be a really impressive year For the world of smartphones.

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