The best tablets to work for

The best tablets to work for


The best tablets to work for

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June 21, 2015

Although some limitations with respect to laptops they are undeniable, which make many still opt for these as the main device to work the tablets still have a advantage substantial when we need a device that really helps us to be in movement and be able to continue carrying out different tasks comfortably (thanks to its greater autonomy, your minors dimensions, above all), a situation in which we are likely to find ourselves even more now that summer begins and, with it, the travels. Of course, not all tablets are equally useful for this function. Which of the ones we can find right now in stores can interest us the most? We present our recommendations.

To consider

The simple fact of having the application of Office until recently it was converted to tablets with Windows, even to the most modest tablets with Windows RT, in the option that many thought first when it came to choosing a tablet to work. To this day, this advantage has been lost, but we must bear in mind that teams with the full version of Windows They still have the extra (as long as the hardware accompanies) to allow us to run desktop applications. Equally important to think about the applications that we are going to need is, of course, to keep in mind that we are very grateful to have the accessories suitable: it is not necessary that it is a hybrid for a tablet to be good for work, but it seems quite likely that we end up needing a good keyboard and / or a good stylus. If we usually work with a keyboard, we can also sacrifice some lightness for a bigger screen, something that can greatly improve our user experience in these circumstances.

No budget limits: Surface Pro 3

With the previous recommendations in mind, the ideal candidate is obvious: Surface Pro 3. To the tablet of Microsoft You absolutely need nothing to be a perfect tablet to work: full version of Windows 8, a leading hardware at the level of a PC (processors Intel Core i5 and i7 And till 8 GB RAM memory), a wide range of official accessories to make work even more comfortable (stylus, keyboards, dock station …) that accompanies a design already very thought for this type of use (such as support which allows us to hold the tablet in any degree of inclination that we find most comfortable) and a wide screen, of 12 inches (with a negligible resolution of 2160 x 1440). The only downside that can really be put is to look too much like a laptop, which means that its autonomy is shorter than usual on a tablet and being relatively heavy (800 grams). That, and its price, of course, because even for the most affordable model, you have to put in a disbursement of 859 euros, As minimum.

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<h2>A good option with Android: Galaxy NotePRO 12.2</h2>
<p>If for some reason you have not been convinced to have Windows as an operating system, the<strong> Galaxy NotePRO 12.2</strong> from <strong>Samsung</strong> It is probably one of the best options, even in spite of being a conventional tablet and not a hybrid, since it has a large screen, of <strong>12.2 inch</strong> (with a resolution of <strong>2560 x 1600</strong>), and has a very interesting extra: like the rest of the <strong>Galaxy Note range</strong>, this tablet comes with a <strong>S Pen</strong> And, what is even more important, with software optimized for its use that, in fact, can make depending on the type of work we carry out more often a better option than just a tablet with keyboard. Having such a large screen, we find one of the problems that can also be attributed to the <strong>Surface Pro 3</strong>: weight (750 grams). Unlike the Microsoft tablet, however, its autonomy is quite good (benchmarks usually give it around <strong>9 hours</strong>). It does not hurt either to take into account that it can be achieved by little more than<strong> 600 euros</strong> In some distributors.</p><div class='code-block code-block-6' style='margin: 8px auto; text-align: center; display: block; clear: both;'>
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Galaxy NotePro 12.2 black

A good option with iOS: iPad Air 2

If we work normally with a Mac or if we want a tablet that really makes a difference from a laptop in terms of size and weight, and we don't care about sacrificing a couple of inches of screen, the iPad Air 2 It is a highly recommended option: we can acquire a separate keyboard or stylus that make it easier for us to work with it and, of course, taking it with us from one place to another will be much simpler (we will particularly appreciate your 437 grams of weight). Nor should we fear that it lacks power, since the processor A8X riding and 2 GB of RAM that accompany it have already proven that very few devices in its range can outperform you. The fact of being a conventional tablet, in addition, is still something interesting to enjoy it with games or browsing quietly from our sofa when we do not have to work. We must not lose sight of what we can buy with up to 128 GB of storage capacity (although we will not have a micro-SD card slot).

iPad Air 2

An affordable hybrid with Windows: Aspire Switch 10

If you are clear that the Surface Pro 3 It is the idea of ​​a tablet to work for you and the only thing that prevents you from getting with it is a matter of budget, there are several hybrids with Windows as an operating system and with much lower prices that are worth taking a look, although we opted for the Aspire Switch 10, which can be obtained at some dealers (keyboard included) for prices below 350 euros. Keep in mind, of course, that the price difference will be reflected in quality, logically. There is a lot of difference between a Surface Pro 3 and the tablet of Acer (its processor is a Atom Z3735F to 1.33 GHz, has 2 GB of RAM and its screen is 1280 x 800 pixels). However, this is a device that can respond perfectly to your needs, if you do not expect to run too demanding applications, and the price difference is considerable.

Acer Aspire Switch

An affordable hybrid with Android: Transformer Pad TF303K

There are also good options for those looking for a hybrid with a good price, but prefer to have Android as an operating system, and the TF303K Transformer Pad It is probably the most interesting (the TF303K code is important to distinguish it from previous generations, with lower technical specifications). Its price is similar to that of the Aspire Switch 10 (can also be found for less than 350 euros with the keyboard included) and in the resolution section it takes some advantage, even since the tablet Asus has a screen Full HD. If we compare it with the Galaxy NotePRO 12.2, yes, it lags behind, and not only in regard to the screen, but also to the performance section, with a processor Snapdragon S4 Pro to 1.5 GHz and with 2 GB of RAM but, again, you have to consider the price difference when evaluating its characteristics.