The best tablets for small businesses you can find

The best tablets for small businesses you can find

best tablets for small businesses

Currently, some companies require a very specialized mobile device (and, incidentally, expensive!). Whether they occupy it for inventory counts, package delivery or simply rude use for unusual environments. In the same way, there are functions in companies that do not require so much power, and the solution can be just a tablet. There is currently a great variety in the market and we are sure that finding one of the best tablets for small businesses is no problem. Here we tell you that you should take into account before deciding on one of them.

How to choose a tablet

When you start looking at tablets for you and your team, don't be fascinated by all the flashy products that are available. You will be happier with your purchase if you set some parameters before you start searching. Determine what the main use of the device is, how much you are willing to spend on each tablet, what operating system synchronizes well with your computer systems and smart phones and what features and specifications you need.

Companies can use tablets for all types of operations, including payment processing, field work and media consumption. You may also want to differentiate between executives and employees who need different types of tablets for their different functions in the company (primary versus supplementary, or even robust devices depending on the workplace). Also consider the size, battery life, processor, storage and external ports for accessories.

Tablet Features

Companies will give different uses to tablets. Here are some features to consider:

Storage: If your company generates a large number of documents, photos, videos and multimedia resources that you want to keep (with or without a cloud backup), be sure to buy a tablet that has the right storage for your needs. Storage is available from 16 GB to 1 TB.

Battery life: Battery capacity may vary greatly depending on the size of the device, but usually between 6,000 mAh and 8,000 mAh, sometimes in the range of 3,000 mAh for smaller devices.

Cameras: Most tablets come equipped with front and rear cameras that can be useful depending on your needs. The front cameras are useful for video conferences and video calls via Skype, FaceTime and other services. Rear cameras can be useful for scanning documents.

Wifi: It comes standard for all tablets and most support the fastest Wi-Fi standards available at the time of purchase: the 802.11ac standard, even if your office has a routerold.

Processor: Tablet processors vary widely and are often manufacturer-specific, such as Apple's A12X iPad chip and Qualcomm processors that ship with Samsung tablets. You can check the processor online to see how fast it is and how it compares to others.

Horns: Below average audio can seriously spoil the tablet experience. Make sure the sound quality is decent when you review the reviews of the tablets you are considering buying, or better yet, go to a store like Best Buy, which can have a few demonstration tablets and listen for yourself. If you play music, opt for one with speakers on both sides for optimal sound separation.

Touch Pencil: the stylus and the tablets go hand in hand and some even have specific pencils for that model that takes advantage of the hardware and software features. If you need one, get a touch pen designed especially for your tablet.

Expandable Memory: Some tablets include SD card slots, a practical feature that allows you to add storage space as needed.

LTE connection: LTE connectivity allows you to connect to the internet anywhere. You will have to add your tablet to your mobile data subscription plan from a service provider for everything to work properly.

Once you have the list of requirements you need, evaluate several models that meet the needs of your company. Here are some options that we recommend, and check out our list of the best tablets you can find in the market today.

Apple iPad Pro

best tablets for small businesses

Even if you are not a Mac user, the iPad Pro is always a good option. Apple offers several iPad models, including iPad Prode 12.9 inches and another 11 inches. The largest, with a resolution of 2,732 x 2,048 pixels per inch (dpi), looks like a small TV. In addition to being ideal for watching videos, offering iOS multitasking features and a battery life of up to ten hours, the productivity suite makes the iPad Pro an ideal business partner.