Pixel Launcher, Android GO edition

The best launcher for cheap phones lands in the Play Store

Several months ago we talked about a launcher that we liked because, despite not having the many options of others like Nova or Apex, it allowed us emulate the pixel interface on the desks of our phones for free and without spending too many resources.

This is important not in the most expensive and powerful mobiles, but in the smartphones of lower price and more contained features, where gaining some fluency is key.

The launcher we talked about is Rootless Launcher, an application that was based on the Pixel desktop replacement and whose creator managed from a Github account.

Rootless launcher arrives at the Google Play Store

Pixel Launcher, Android GO edition

Recently this same developer has decided to upload the application to the official Google store so it is no longer essential to install the APKs manually. This is especially convenient when looking for updates of the application since before they did not jump automatically.

However there is a slight inconvenience and is that to use both the news feed of the side and the events or some widgets the launcher You have to download another application that allows us to use it normally. This app is downloaded only once the first time we install Rootless Launcher so it will not be a permanent nuisance either.

The perfect launcher for cheap mobiles lands in the Play Store

This launcher will allow us to choose the theme we want to use as well as install icons from other developers since it has support for third-party packs. It will work on any mobile with Android 5 or higher.

If for some reason we still need the APK of both the launcher and the application that accompanies it for the feed we can download them in APKmirror in Reste link and in this one.