The best games of the week and the money train, December Edition

The weekend arrives and, with it, free time to rest and play. Welcome to a new edition of the best Android games of the week, a section where you can meet new games to have fun with our phone.

We begin the month of December entering the weekend, and with it, more games. In this last month of the year Google has rewarded those who are the best of the year and we have finally received the long-awaited Pokémon radar GO What are the Android games of the week? Let's start

Cube Knight

In Cube Knight we embody the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table in the search for the Holy Grail, an adventure full of dangers that we will have to face fighting.

Cube Knight is a hack and slash in isometric perspective with cubic graphics in a visual style that reminds us of Minecraft. Sometimes you don't need more to have a good time.

Cube Knight is a free game with micropayments.

Just trap

A simple game where there are, but complicated to master. In Just Trap we simply have to touch on the screen to move our character. The game consists of surviving the creatures that try to eat us.

How do we end up with these creatures? Traps will appear on the game board. Avoid falling into traps and make the creatures that chase you change in them.

Just Trap is a free game with micropayments.



A curious platform game that stands out for a fairly simple design that takes us to a strange world.

The game will test us level after level, changing the rules of the game in each new level. Sometimes we will go to the right, at other times to the left, in the opposite direction, or with more or less seriousness, which makes the experience better.

Ecotone is a free game with ads and without micropayments.

Colt Express