The app that I will tell you is the perfect Christmas gift

The app that I will tell you is the perfect Christmas gift

Things are made easier for undecided buyers, as the company IBM has already launched IBM Watson Trend, an application that reveals what consumer trends are and predicts if these will remain for a long time, the ideal tool to be used when choosing gifts for this Christmas season.

This app has the particularity of deepening the tastes of consumers, IBM Watson Trend analyze online conversations, searching the Internet for more than 10,000 social networks, blogs, forums, comments, ratings, reviews, and unlike other applications, which only provide a ranking of fashion products, Watson Trend reveals how customers perceive the products they are considering to buy.

IBM Watson Trend.

Another feature that this tool has is that study the data and interpret the content, context and hidden feeling in those conversations, a whole investigative machinery that organizes information in different trend groups, while using predictive analytics to understand if a product is only a passing trend or can become fashionable for a longer time.

This will undoubtedly help discard those possible gifts that we plan to make, as each group organized by this app receives a daily score of 0 to 100, called Trend Score, based on the impact (conversation size) and the mpetu ( the growth rate of the conversation), giving important data about the user's interest.

In addition, with the use of this application the Buyers in Latin America can see a daily detail of the 100 trend products in the north of the continent, and know instantly what products dominate the consumer conversation this year by breaking it down into three leading categories: technology, toys and health and wellness, all by clicking.

IBM Watson Trend Categories

This new IBM app can get you out of trouble and make things easier for you, it is better to organize before you start your Christmas shopping and you can now get it on its official portal, or download it from the App Store.

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