The 7 best lock screen replacement apps for Android

The 7 best lock screen replacement apps for Android

The lock screen on Android has gone through a series of changes over the years and the current lock screen on Android devices looks great and is equally functional. However, not everyone has a standard Android device and manufacturers like to include their own lock screen on their devices, which is not so good. Fortunately, like almost anything else on Android, you can replace the lock screen on your Android device. Good, Here is our list of the 7 best Android lock screen replacement applications:

Note : Some applications on the lock screen may not work well with the default lock screen on your Android device. Therefore, you can first disable the default lock options on your device by going to Settings-> Security-> Screen lock and selecting None.

1. Next Lockscreen

The Microsoft Next Lock Screen application is the perfect lock screen application to get, if you want to keep things simple but functional. The lock screen is packaged in contextual features, as it shows its most used applications according to time and location . Along with the applications, the lock screen also provides access to your favorite contacts, various shortcuts and alternates such as WiFi, Bluetooth, brightness slider, camera, etc.

The following lock screen brings beautiful Bing wallpapers to your lock screen and shows you the weather, weather and notifications. In addition, it is compatible with the fingerprint unlock along with the usual locks.

Install: (Free)

2. Hi Locker

Hi Locker is a great lock screen application that offers a great combination of older and modern Android lock styles. Speaking of its features, the first thing I like about Hi Locker is that it supports several security locks, including the fingerprint lock and smart lock, which allows you to configure trusted devices and networks to ensure that the phone is automatically unlocked. Here are a lot of features, you can quickly launch applications from the lock screen, view notifications, weather information and you can customize almost everything about the application. In addition, it includes a cool calendar panel on the lock screen, which should be useful if you want to quickly see what is happening the day.

The lock screen also offers some very interesting wallpapers and also automatically changes the wallpaper after a period of time that you can set. Overall, Hi Locker is a lock screen application for people looking for a Customizable lock screen with many functions . While the application is available in a free version, some features are limited and include ads. To unlock all features and deleted ads, you must obtain the Pro version.

Install: (Free with purchase in the application of $ 1.99 for Pro)

3. AcDisplay

AcDisplay is the lock screen application to get if you like things minima . The lock screen brings you notifications in a very intuitive interface and you can jump to the applications directly from the lock screen. In addition, you get several shortcuts in the notification, as you will in the notification center. It also includes a Active Mode, similar to the Android Environmental Screen, which detects when the device is picked up or taken out of a pocket and shows you its notifications.