Steve Jobs apple

Steve Jobs will have turned 65 today, these are his best stories

Steve Jobs apple

Apple's co-founder and one of the most important people in the company left us in 2011 at the age of 67. Steve was born on February 24, 1955 and will have turned 65 today If the cancer had not taken his life.

The history of Jobs at Apple is full of constant successes and failures, and all of them have been fundamental for the company to be where it is today. After found Apple with Steve Wozniak in 1976 and revolutionize personal computers with Apple 1, Apple II or the original MacintoshSteve was fired from his own company in 1985. Although after 12 years, they trusted him again to revert to the terrible financial situation and turn Apple into a modern company.

Jobs knew how to see the future before anyone else with new amazing devices like MacBook Air, iPod, iPhone or iPad. All of them with a unique software that brought us the song store of iTunes, iOS or the App Store. In his memory we are going to review some of the funniest and most interesting anecdotes we have heard in recent years.

Steve Jobs

The best stories of Steve Jobs

We have written many stories about Steve Over time and today we are going to summarize what we think are the most fun, special and incredible. Steve Jobs was unique and each of these anecdotes proves it.

The first phone joke made with an iPhone

Steve Jobs was quite fond of jokes and in every presentation He liked to make everyone present laugh, something that also happened in one of the most important keynotes in Apple's history: that of the original iPhone.

During the presentation of the iPhone Steve was showing the capabilities of the Maps app included in the device, such as the location of places and the details that appeared, such as the phone number of different locations. Jobs decided Call the nearest Starbucks and request 4,000 cafs for all present, although shortly after canceling the request to the astonishment of the dependent. If you want to read the full story here is our article.

Steve Jobs iPhone

It is not the only anecdote related to jokes and Steve Jobs, Spotify's own CEO says that Steve Jobs called him and made fun of him with phone calls.

Funny moments in the presentations

One of the funniest moments that are reminded of Steve Jobs' presentations happened 15 years ago. In 2005, Steve took the stage to talk about a new update related to podcasts. To show how they worked I chose a random podcast that started playing on the stage Mac, an episode of The Daily Source Code appeared. Right at the beginning of the podcast the announcer began with a: It's Friday at last, thank God. In fact I had to restart the show like 3 times, my Mac was acting like a *** ”

steve jobs iPhone 4 wifi

Steve let out a laugh still remembered and then I tried to continue with apparent normalcy. A funny story that we told you a few months ago, here is the full article.

Even Tim Cook, Apple's current CEO, has wanted remember Steve Jobs today in social networks with another fun moment of the presentation of the original iPhone.

Device theft

The deal with Steve was not always easy, and if you steal one of his personal devices with greater reason. This is what happened to Andy Miller, former Apple manager who after a meeting with the CEO, who did not finish too well, hurriedly picked up his things and, without realizing it, accidentally also took the MacBook and Steve's mouse.

Steve Jobs MacBook

Shortly after I received a call: why did you steal my laptop?Miller explained that it was unintentionally and returned it, although he kept something as I remember. You can hear this story from the hand of its protagonist in our post a few weeks ago.

Mythical Presentations

To finish this collection of stories we have several stories that have happened during the presentations of different devices. For example when presenting the iBook and its Wi-Fi connection, to demonstrate that it connected to the Internet wirelessly I used a hula hoop.

Steve Jobs hula hoop

Another funny story happened during the presentation of the iPhone 4, there were too many attendees connected to the Wi-Fi network and the new iPhone will not be able to load web pages correctly. Then Steve Jobs forced everyone to disable Wi-Fi from their computers if they wanted to continue watching iPhone 4 demos.

These were some of the most interesting stories and anecdotes of the years of Steve Jobs at Apple, without a doubt a very important loss for the company. A visionary who will have turned 65 today.