Spotify reveals how many users use their service illegally

Spotify reveals how many users use their service illegally

One of the best streaming music services today isSpotify, and that is currently in competition with Apple Music to be the king of the streaming music sector, however one of the main advantages of Spotify is that it has always had the possibility oflisten to the contents completely free, although to carry out this and maintain more or less intact its economic structure as a company, users must listen to announcements and advertising on the service.

While on the other hand there are users who choose to pay thepremium service Spotify, with one of the different monthly rates you currently have, being a total of71 million users compared to159 million usersthat make up all of those who use this streaming music service. But there are also users who enjoy the service illegally, by usingillegal applications and other tools that seek to eliminate advertising and maintaining the rest of the platform's features.

In this way Spotify has revealed the final number of users who use the service with these tools, which add up to the amount of some2 million users, something that seems nothing compared to the total sum but that is of importance because on several occasions the profitability of the platform for monetization has been called into question.

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