Some customers received their Galaxy S10 in unsealed boxes: report

Some customers received their Galaxy S10 in unsealed boxes: report


Despite arriving without a seal in the boxes, customers did not report anything missing from them.


The new ones Samsung Galaxy S10 They are already available to buy worldwide since Friday, although some users who placed their orders in advancethey received them from Thursday.

Some of these lucky ones, who have been able to enjoy Samsung's new phone one day before the rest, are reporting some complaints. According to a report from SamMobile, several customers in the United States said they received the phones in unsealed boxes.

The clients pointed out that upon receiving their units with the shipping box, the seal had already been cut. This should not be so, since the phones always arrive with an adhesive tape that serves to ensure that it has not been handled before delivery to the customer who has purchased it.

According to Sammobile, the complaints come largely from customers in the United States and are not related to a specific operator, since the customers who bought them and found the unsealed boxes, acquired the phones with different operators even free.

The reason behind this is not entirely clear, Sammobile points out that perhaps in the production chain last minute changes could be made to add some of the accessories – manual, protective screen – and the boxes were left unopened.

None of the users have indicated that the cell phones were defective or that nothing was missing inside the box.

Samsung has not immediately responded to a request for comment.

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