Formas simples de mejorar el engagement en Instagram

Simple ways to improve engagement on Instagram

Simple ways to improve engagement on Instagram

It is a fact that getting good levels of engagement in social networks is no longer as easy. Particularly on Instagram, where it was less complicated to experience good results, things have changed a bit; As we reported at the time, Trust Insights indicates that, from January to June 2019, the average engagement on the social network fell 18 percent. For brands, this represents a new challenge because the popularity of the social network recently triggered the adoption of the platform, and it is added that measures that could affect things even more are coming, such as the fact that they will no longer be visible. The likes. Finding a good solution to a challenge like this or managing to boost engagement on Instagram is more important than ever, so it is important not to forget some ways that are still effective to achieve results in this particular aspect.

For an objective such as the momentum of engagement on Instagram, Hootsuite highlights the following tips with the best you can do today:

Know your audience

As in many other marketing efforts, to get good results it is important to know the audience. In this case, considering that it tries to improve engagement on Instagram, you should know that the best place to go to find out more about your public is the analytical data shared by the social platform itself.

In the statistics section you can find a tab corresponding to the audience, from which you can better understand some aspects such as the growth it has had, its geographical location, age range, sex and the hours in which they are most active.

All this information will let you know what types of content can be more effective and when is the best time to launch them.

Keep track of time

Speaking of that moment to launch them, keeping track of time is also useful to improve engagement on Instagram because it is key to know how to know when the community is active.

Within this particular section of Instagram statistics it is possible to know the day and even the time when the community is online. This data helps to program the content to maximize the impact that can be generated. For example, if your data says that at 9:00 p.m. This is when more people are active, so this is the key moment for your account to share a post.

Make sure to publish on a recurring basis

With regard to this point, it will be important to add that to improve engagement on Instagram, it must be published on a recurring but not as recurring basis.

And it is that one of the factors that the Instagram algorithm currently considers, if it does not make the change to its previous version, is how recent are the publications. For followers it is more likely to see new posts in their respective feeds.

With the above in mind, this advice is complemented with the previous one, you should take advantage of this algorithm operation to launch the contents at the peak of your profile and maximize the results. Thus, you are more likely to see your content and interact with it.

Consistency is key, but audiences should not be overwhelmed with content. To avoid this, it is advisable to work hand in hand with a calendar to keep track of when and what to publish on the platform.