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Shoppiic, an App that Help You Decide Your Purchases

Shoppiic for iPhone

The Magi are close and it's time to go making the letter so that it arrives on time. If you still have not decided on what you are going to ask for, it is a good time to ask your friends for advice about that gift you like so much. Shoppiic It is an application that will help you that you make the best decision based on the comments and advice from your friends and other experts.

The app that we present to you is a free app that works on your iPhone and that you can use in x2 compatible mode on your iPad 3G.Shoppiic helps you share with your friends what you want, being able to comment and helping you choose the option that best fits you Among a wide variety of products.

Starting to use Shoppiic

To use Shoppiic you will need to register on the screen that will appear when you first launch the app. You can register using your Facebook profile or create a new Shoppiic user using your email address. After registration, the app will ask you to select the shopping categories in which you are interested. Do not worry if you forget to put any, you can modify this list later. In addition, from the first moment you will know all the products that your friends and Shoppiic users have chosen.

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<h3>How does Shoppiic work?</h3>
<p>The operation of Shoppiic is simple and it is based on showing you articles in which other users are interested or that have already been bought and share them with you in case you could be interested in acquiring them or, simply, to give you ideas for your purchases.<strong> All items are organized by categories and from them we can see your photo, the price they have and where they have been purchased or sold.</strong>.</p>
<p>If you want to know the opinion that your friends or other users have about an article that interests you, you can also take a photo of it and publish it so that others can make you comments and have more evaluation elements to decide on your purchase. You must be very clear that <strong>the application will not allow you to purchase the item but to indicate where you can buy it</strong> so you can contact the store or the person who sells it directly.</p>
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<h3>Shoppiic options</h3>
<p>The options that Shoppiic offers you are located at the bottom of your screen and will always be available while you see the products proposed by other users. The options that Shoppiic has are: <strong>Publish, Activity, Explore, News and Profile</strong>.</p>
<p><strong>To post</strong>: the most important and with which <strong>you can add your own articles</strong> so that others leave your comments and advice is the one in the center of the menu and has the form of a geolocation icon (similar to Google Maps). With this option you can take a picture of the object that interests you, say in which store or location you have seen it and the price it has. Once you have put all the information you are interested in, you can publish it. From that moment all Shoppiic users, especially your friends, will be able to see it and leave comments.</p>
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<li><strong>Exercise</strong>: on this screen <strong>See the latest additions of articles from your friends and experts to the application</strong>. You will find them sorted chronologically from new to old and in this view all the elements will be mixed regardless of what category they belong to. You can double click on an image to indicate that you like it, make a comment or know who wants to acquire that object.</li>
<li><strong>To explore</strong>: this option te <strong>allow to see all articles published by other users</strong> organized well by categories (with the possibility of seeing all at once) or by the most popular among the users of the app. If you choose to see them by categories you will have the possibility to filter the articles showing the most popular, recent or closest to the place where you are.</li>
<li><strong>News</strong>: shows you the most novel facts of your friends. From here you know to quin have continued giving you the possibility that you can follow them t.</li>
<li><strong>Profile</strong>: Here you can modify the information about your profile, put a photo for your friends to recognize you and configure all the options of the app (categories, experts, social networks you use, etc).</li>
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