Sensational sports sales - TecNoticias, your information portal

Sensational sports sales – TecNoticias, your information portal

It is possible that all major sports titles have already been released, but that does not necessarily mean you are late for the game. In fact, with many of them for sale for Black Friday and that have been updated since its launch (many times to solve maddening errors, etc.) and some additional content, now is a good time to acquire some of these titles.

Many of these can be found in PlayStation 4 and Xbox One digital stores, as well as in retail stores *, but check before clicking or exiting. Some of these can also be console specific, just be digital, have different start / end times for sales, different sales prices, etc.

In addition, some offer offers in special editions of titles and in the currency of the game, so if you are interested in playing in the fantasy collection mode of a game like Ultimate Team, for example, and want to pay a premium currency, you can pay to get those too

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F1 2018

FIFA 19 A new update is coming for the title dealing with topics such as A.I. In defense, and an interesting addition in general this year are the different modes of exhibition, which include playing without cards or rules.

Forza Horizon 4

The change of seasons is an important feature for this iteration, and as these change for all the players in the world, the developer Playground Games has added seasonal events, as well as free cars for everyone.

The 2019 golf club This year, the game is licensed by the PGA Tour, and a free DLC course has already been added: Atlantic Beach Country Club. This brings the number of official courses to seven. Of course, the creator of the course allows you to make and play an unlimited amount.

Laser league

Madden NFL 19 Madden did not have the best start, but developer EA Tiburon has been releasing more and more updates to try to control errors and improve the game (here is the latest update). Along the way, Ultimate Team, this year with a new ignition system, has been receiving regular content.

MLB the Show 18