Samsung Gear A verá la luz en septiembre junto al Note 5

Samsung Gear To see the light in September next to the Note 5

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Yesterday I was talking about the supposed Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and its first rumors, which gain strength every day that passes. We also talk about smart watches, and how Swatch can launch a battery with 6 months duration. Well, both things are related to the news I bring you.

Apparently, the clock on which Samsung is working, a device with a fully circular screen, will not see the light until September 2015. When will do next to version 5 of the Note range. It certainly seems an important decision, and well taken, since personally, I think it is wrong to launch now a clock like the one you plan to launch.

We have just attended one of the most important releases in terms of smart watches. The departure of the Apple Watch without any doubt subtract all the prominence to this possible clock. In addition, the company will have more time to develop the clock and its operating system. For these reasons, the decision to delay the presentation of the clock until September is more than reasonable.

We are facing a clock with a circular screen, but not only that, but to bring some very interesting novelties. Is talking about a rotating crown to move between applications. Something that we have not seen at the moment, and that will undoubtedly be worth seeing. The possibility that carry a camera installed on the strap, as we can see in some watches of the company.

The inclusion of Android Wear seems to It won't be an option for Samsung, which will choose Tizen again as the operating system for its watch. We do not know what advantages could be compared to other watches with Android Wear, but what is certain is that Samsung Apple is leaving us a taste For many places. The decisions he is making, as well as the designs of his interfaces and the importance they give to Tizen, seem not far from Cupertino's company.

What do you think about watches with Tizen? Do you think Samsung is doing things right?