Samsung Galaxy S20 sales disappoint

Very recently, the new Galaxy S20 range was launched, but the truth is that it seems that Samsung's new phones are not working as well as expected, Galaxy S20 sales will be lower compared to those of the Galaxy S10.

Sales, which have begun to take place in South Korea, are being disappointing if a comparison is made with those of the previous generation. Although the real reasons for this circumstance are not known, they will not be related to the manufacturer itself.

There is no doubt that the new Galaxy S20 are very attractive and advanced phones, but the problem will not be in the phones, but that those low sales will be for a very different reason which could affect other manufacturers in a similar way, is nothing more than the coronavirus.

Afraid to go to stores

In South Korea there are hundreds of cases of coronavirus and this will be significantly affecting citizens of their country, who are willing to take preventive measures to prevent infection, one of those is precisely avoid going to any store to buy a mobile.

The low influx to retail stores is negatively affecting the sales of the Samsung Galaxy S20, hence they are lower than usual because people are more reluctant to move because of fear of the coronavirus. In fact even Samsung You have canceled different events.

That has meant that there is not so much promotion, so the diffusion of their new phones is also smaller. In any case, presumably this problem is something temporary and soon you can resume the usual pace of units sold.

In what seems like there will be no problems being in the terminal supply Well, although Samsung has already closed some factories due to the coronavirus, in a short time it will be able to resume normal activity and may continue to produce the Galaxy S20, Galaxy Z Flip, etc.

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