Rumores señalan a Huawei como fabricante del nuevo Nexus

Rumors point to Huawei as the manufacturer of the new Nexus

New rumors that point to the next Nexus manufactured by Huawei

We have been telling you for a while that the next Google device, the next Google Nexus, may be manufactured by Huaweialthough later we are rumors that seemed more normal to us that it was the reconciliation of Google and LG to make the next Nexus, but a new rumor points back to be Huawei and not LG that manufactures the new Google Nexus.

A leaked report in China shows the supposed specifications of the following Nexus and as he tells us, will be manufactured by Huawei. This new device, which still has no name, will be the successor of the huge Google Nexus 6 that we remember, is manufactured by Motorola Americans. The specifications of this next Nexus were found in the Weibo profile of a Chinese analyst. If we consider the continuous leaks or rumors that appear around this new Google device, it is normal for the new rumors that appear to be taken with tweezers, since its veracity is not assured.

The new Nexus device manufactured by Huawei will supposedly mount a Samsung manufactured display, exactly a 5.7 inch OLED panel with a resolution of 2560 × 1440 pixels (QHD) Although Huawei incorporates in its own manufacturing processors, such as Hi-Silicon Kirin, the new Nexus use the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810, although this may change, due to the problems of heating the processor. On the subject of the screen, we can see the Google influence, as for now Huawei has decided to stall in the FullHD resolution, while the new Nexus will incorporate QHD, which indicates that Google wants this new device to be a top of the range with all of the law.

New rumors that point to the next Nexus manufactured by Huawei

As is tradition, this terminal will be presented in the third quarter of the year along with the new version of Android, giving way so much to a renewal of hardware like software. We remind you that this information is only rumor, none of this is confirmed With what we cannot take for now as true or false, but our duty is to inform you about everything that happens around the Android world.

What do you think Huawei will manufacture the next Google device?