Hallelujah: you can now use the radar to capture Pokémon

Pokmon GO activates its official radar to capture Pokmon

It has been made to beg, but we can already enjoy it: Niantic activates the Pokémon GO radar to those who play in Spain. In this way it will be possible to see the Pokémon that are nearby.

We have always thought that radar is one of the biggest shortcomings of Pokémon GO. Going out to capture Pokémon without knowing exactly where to look is a disaster, especially when you have few left to complete the Pokédex. Niantic was working on it and was already testing a radar for nearby Pokémon in some areas of San Francisco and the United States. From today the rest of the United States and much of Europe is available, Spain included.

The new radar is already active, but don't expect a wonder

Hallelujah: you can now use the radar to capture Pokémon

It is certainly great news for all of us who play regularly, but it is still not enough to actively locate the Pokémon. The operation of the official radar is as follows:

  • You have to be near a Pok√©parada. The radar does not work in isolated areas.
  • When you are next to a Pok√©parada, click on all the Pok√©mon that have been detected. You will see that the message changes from ¬ęSightings¬Ľ to ¬ęNear¬Ľ.
  • You will have all nearby Pok√©mon available. If you click on each one you will see the number of footprints it has.
  • As at the beginning of the game, the number of tracks (from 1 to 3) indicates the proximity of the Pok√©mon.

As you see, it's not that the new Pokémon GO radar solve a lot, but at least, it makes it easier to find the task of searching for Pokémon. If it still does not appear, give it some time: it is an update from the server that is expanding to the countries that, for now, are compatible.

The great Christmas date is coming

That the Pokémon GO radar has left the localized beta may indicate that we are close to the Christmas event that has been rumored for a few weeks. Niantic is expected to update the game with the 100 new Pokémon of the second generation. In addition, surely they prepare a special event, such as the one that ended last Tuesday.