Play Store crashes on uncertified phones

Play Store crashes on uncertified phones

Android, is one of the most used mobile operating systems worldwide since there is too much variety of different brand smartphone with this operating system, now we have bad news which affect the application store of that system.

As we have said, there are different Android devices which can include software in different ways since there are manufacturers who choose to include an AOSP version which means that it is a basic version of open code where applications are included within the device with certification from the Google brand itself.

On the other hand there are devices which are not certified so that it already has a custom ROM, devices that have been unlocked from the bootloader since this causes the certification to be lost as well as Chinese devices which do not have said certification.

Google block the Play Store for devices that do not have certification as denying access to download apps, to know if your device is certified just go to the application store, go to the settings and swipe to the last option where device certification is mentioned and that is where there will only be two options, certified and non-certified.

Finally, in terms of custom ROMS users, there are already several of which if they are certified so they will not have any problem, so that is the opposite case, Google gives the opportunity to manually certify the ID of the devices that have any ROM

If your device is not certified, just go to this link and enter the ID which, to know what ID your Android device has, just install an application which is completely secure and is not a trap to steal information since it does not use internet access on the device.

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