New update of the launcher P!

New update of the launcher P!

Previously, we unveiled the new launcher that brings the new version of Android 9.0 more known as Android P which brought only a novelty and was still in development, today the technocat team has investigated further until finding the new updated version of this launcher which brings more really incredible news.

This is the new update of this launcher where new sections are included in the configuration as well as enable and disable the Google app tab which is sliding to the right, also enable and disable application suggestions, among others.

The most relevant of this update is the customizations section which gives more customization tools in the launcher since it allows you to activate the theme mode in black as well as use black text for those more white wallpaper images so that another launcher customization aspect.

You can also disable and enable the At A Glance section, force the colors in the navigation bar integrated in the application dock, as well as be able to select several applications so that they do not appear in the application box.

To use this wonderful launcher, you just have to uninstall any other launcher with past versions, download the new one that we will leave you in a link, install it and apply it as default and ready, we will also leave you the direct link to another note in which we tell you how to download Android P wallpapers so that your customization is more complete.

Note: you must install the official Google wallpapers app in the Play Store to be able to change your funds.

Download the launcher here

Wallpapers here

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