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New Philips 24 monitor arrives with 4K UHD

Philips continues to nurture its portfolio with interesting proposals; this time with 241P6VPJKEB / 00 monitor, which completes the UltraClear 4K UHD line with a new smaller model (24 inches).

MMD people have presented the new terminal, highlighting that this manages to maintain the same dazzling performance as those of the same line, with UHD UltraClear 4K, 1.074 billion colors and 99.9% of standard SRGB colors, in addition to an integrated camera and microphone, as well as various connectivity options.

In that sense, it is worth investigating that this copy of the leader of msterdam, supports MultiView which allows the user to connect and view the images of two separate sources – a PC and TV power, for example – simultaneously.

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<p>Also<strong> includes the MHL technology</strong>, to enjoy mobile content from smartphones or other devices on the big screen, and <strong>USB 3.0 port</strong> to connect devices and recharge them quickly.</p>
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