iPhone 9 SE 2

Neither iPhone 9 nor iPhone SE 2, so call Apple to your next smartphone according to a new rumor

iPhone 9 SE 2

Apple is expected to present a new iPhone in just a few weeks, the latest rumors indicate that we should see it in a keynote on March 31. Of this new iPhone we know practically all the details, even we think we know your official nameHowever, a new rumor changes everything we create so far.

This new iPhone It has been traditionally known as iPhone SE 2, precisely because its concept is identical to that of the original iPhone SE: an iPhone with a classic design and a renewed interior with the processors and specifications of the latest models. After Rumors opted for a new name: iPhone 9, something that fit since we never saw an iPhone with that name and this new iPhone is a renewal of the iPhone 8.

Now a new rumor completely change these theories about the name of this new device, and it really makes perfect sense.

Simply iPhone

iPhone, without more. This is what this new iPhone that Apple is preparing could be called. At least that's what Jon Prosser says in the last episode of Front Page TechAccording to its source, which apparently works at Apple, there are some inaccuracies in recent reports on the iPhone 9, specifically with its name.

iPhone SE 2 9

According to this information, Apple's new smartphone will not be called iPhone 9, not even iPhone SE 2, it seems Apple plans to market this device simply as "iPhone". So, without numbers or anything, just iPhone. A strategy that, by the way, is not new, is exactly the same as the Cupertino company uses with the input iPad.

This new nomenclature makes perfect sense in the world, introducing a new iPhone with a number like 9 can make users think that it is older that the iPhone 11 or XR and, in addition, it is a step towards the total disappearance of the numbers in the iPhone range.

iPhone SE2 - 9

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Apple has already got rid of the numbers on the iPad and it will make a lot of sense to do the same on the iPhone. In this way this year we could have an “iPhone” as an input model, an “iPhone Air” and an “iPhone Pro”, if Apple maintains the iPad strategy.

Of course all these rumors must be taken with caution, of course it is not something that is confirmed and surely not confirmed until Apple presents this new iPhone.