Microsoft has good news for Office users

Microsoft has good news for Office users

Users of phones with Android and iOS can now enjoy the latest version of Office, which combines Word, Excel and PowerPoint in one application, in addition to introducing new features to create content and perform various tasks.

We know that many people keep new or edited documents on their computer and work on their phones. We take that as a challenge to seek a better overall productivity experience, which changes the perceptions of how a mobile device can be worked on, to make it a simpler, more integrated experience that will take advantage of the strengths and needs of cell phones, Inform the company.

Among the key benefits cited by Microsoft, are the meeting of Word, Excel and PowerPoint, which now simplifies the experience and requires less storage, but practically maintains all the capabilities of the already known applications that operated independently.

The firm added that it has unlocked the power of the camera with capabilities such as converting images into editable Word and Excel documents, scanning PDF files and capturing blackboards with automatic digital enhancements to facilitate content reading.

Third, there is new functionality for common tasks, such as taking quick notes, signing PDF files, scanning QR codes and transferring files between devices, public on your corporate blog.

Microsoft thanked the 10,000 users of Apple's TestFlight program who rushed to download their new Office, a few hours after it was revealed during the Microsoft Ignite conference, held in November 2019.

The comments we receive through conversations with customers, social networks and the press have been very positive and encouraging, with the application of Office seen as part of a new wave of innovation for Office and Microsoft, fundamentally.

The company led by Bill Gates said that new features such as compatibility with third-party storage services, such as Box, Dropbox, Google Drive and iCloud, among other general performance improvements were also implemented.

For the next few months, Microsoft announced the word dictation functions in Word, Excel cards and PowerPoint offline.

The application is free to use. Log in with a Microsoft account or connect to a third-party storage service allow access and store documents in the cloud, said the firm. A subscription to Office 365 or Microsoft 365 unlock premium features, finalized.

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