Mediatek Helio G70 and Snapdragon 665 faced, who win? ┬╗ERdC

Mediatek Helio G70 and Snapdragon 665 faced, who win? ┬╗ERdC

Mediatek Helio G70 and Snapdragon 665 faced, who win?

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The Helio G70 is one of MediaTek's newest mobile processors. Since its announcement last January, the chipset has appeared on a single device so far, and that is the Realme C3. As part of the company's marketing to its mid-range hardware platform, they have released a video. In the video you compare directly to Helio G70 with Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 processor. This helps us to get a better idea of ÔÇőÔÇőthe segment it occupies and the performance it will offer us on paper.

The Helio G70 faces Snapdragon 665

Since Realme C3 is the only commercially available phone with a processor Helio G70It is not surprising that it is the terminal that MediaTek has chosen for its test. The phone with the Snapdragon 665 chipset used for comparison is the OPPO A9 2020. The comparison covers areas such as Benchmarks score, application opening time and game opening time.

The first test has both phones with the popular benchmark Antutu. The result shows that Helio G70 wins this time with 193,790 points, compared to 166,126 points in Snapdragon 665. It is important to state that both phones they are not running the same version of Antutu. The Realme C3 is running a more recent version of the application, which may affect the result. Therefore, this test seems less fair than others.

For him application startup time, the comparison is made with applications such as YouTube and Flipkart. While Realme C3 was faster loading YouTube, both devices are in the same line Regarding Flipkart.

The last stage of the test compares the Opening time for games like PUBG, Asphalt 9 and Call of Duty. The result of the tests performed is shown below.


While the Helio G70 wins all three rounds, the Snapdragon 665 definitely doesn't stay behind. Both models show an equivalent and very even performance. From MediaTek it must be said that it continues to show a constant growth during the last year in their products. Previously it was unthinkable for a Mediatek processor to match an equivalent of Qualcomm.

The Helio G70 it is a 12 nm SoC With 4 Cortex-A75 cores at 2 GHz and 4 Cortex-A55 cores at 1.7 GHz. It has a Mali-G52 GPU with 820MHz clock speed. The Snapdragon 665 is an 11nm processor with 8 Kryo 260 cores (Cortex-A73 semi-custom cores + Cortex-A53 semi-custom cores) with 2.0GHz clock speed. Finally, account has an Adreno 610 GPU for graphics.


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