Look Around

Look Around, the Street View of Apple Maps, arrives in new cities

Look Around

Last year, as part of the iOS 13 update, Apple Maps received important news. The navigation application of Cupertino's is not being as popular as they would like, so they took the liberty of improving their design remarkably, not only as far as interface is concerned, but also the design of the map. In addition, they implemented some functionalities such as the possibility of accessing a bird's eye view in three dimensions.

Many of those who are reading this article probably wouldn't have taken long to replace Apple Maps with Google Maps as soon as you got your iPhone. After all, it is one of the most famous alternatives, and it has some features that Apple maps do not have yet. One of them was Street View, designed to see the streets of our cities through our phone as if we were there.

Thanks to this function, locating in the big cities is much simpler, and we can even know the state of a specific place throughout the years. Therefore, jumping to Apple Maps missed something like that. Fortunately, the latest iOS update brought it, although with important differences. The first, which is not a two-dimensional view, but it is in three dimensions; and the second, that there are very few places mapped for this feature.

Apple Maps NY

Recently, as reported from 9to5Mac, the cities of Boston, Washington D.C. and Philadelphia to the list of cities compatible with Look Around, which is the name used for this functionality. Unfortunately, there are still very few places available, and it seems that we still have to wait a bit to start seeing it in Europe.

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In any case, if Look Around comes to cover as many cities as Street View already does, we will have before us a great competitor. One that in fact offers higher quality that his rival, and that shows an even more realistic vision of our surroundings, or of those cities that we still do not reach.