LG G4 cuesta 200 euros menos que el HTC One M9

LG G4 costs 200 euros less than the HTC One M9

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LG has made a strong commitment to its new flagship, the LG G4. They know that the high-end market is more difficult than ever, and make your smartphone number one It entails offering the best among the competition at a better price than that of the competition.

LG has almost always been characterized by listening to users: As it did with LG G3, a device that solves the shortcomings of its predecessor was launched. And so he has done it again now with the LG G4.

His strategy has been smart, keeping 5.5 inches since this measure is being standardized more than ever and using the Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor, fleeing from bad opinions about the Snapdragon 810. This has caused the LG G4 to become the biggest competitor for the new Samsung Galaxy S6. In the absence of knowing its price so far.

Prices in Spain have already become official and are priced closer than the HTC One M9 and the Samsung Galaxy S6 Not to mention the S6 Edge: its top competitors. The price of the LG G4 32 GB starts from a base price of 649 euros, 50 euros cheaper than the base model of the Galaxy S6, 100 euros cheaper than the S6 Edge, and 200 euros cheaper than the HTC One M9. Oh it's nothing

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<p class=These prices are the ones that were numbered from the beginning for the LG G4, And now they are confirm. Obviously, with these prices, it is clear that the LG G4 has all the ballots to become one of the main smartphones of this year.

Surprised, of course, the difference of 200 euros with the HTC One M9, after the critics about the overheating that has received this terminal. We always talk about official prices at its launch, and as always, these prices will be deflated with the passing of the weeks. In fact, right now, you can find the HTC One M9 for less than 700 euros on Amazon, while the Galaxy S6 an is in prices similar to its launch, mainly due to the hype that has surrounded the terminal and the lack of stock in most establishments.

The price of the LG G4, like that of its competitors, will be reduced little by little, but knowing that its starting price is 649 euros 699 for the model with leather back, it’s almost unquestionable that it’s one of the cheapest top of the market, as happened with the LG G3.

The terminal It will go on sale in just 3 weeks, already in June, and also arrive from the hand of the main operators of the country.

What do you think of the price of the LG G4?

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