Learn to meditate with this new app called Bloom


If Google launches Digital Wellbeing to have our mobile phone use well controlled, Bloom is an app that helps us use it with the idea Let us relax. And more in the absence of a few days to end the year and that it never hurts to throw ourselves on the couch and put the relaxing sounds of this new app.

An application that is in beta and that allows you to take some time for peace and meditation. His idea is to be that companion of relaxed times when we do not have enough portfolio to get a therapist or a massage therapist. So we will know the details of this new app.

Reduce the level of stress with this new application


Bloom stands out for offering a series of features dedicated to breathing life and taking a relaxing moment in the day. He does it through guided meditations and those mental states in which one should not think, even if he later thinks he is not thinking. It is difficult at first, but you can enter a trance state to think that you are not thinking that you are in trance (I think you understand me).

In fact, Bloom helps us to enter these meditative states and know in situ all the benefits of meditation. All this through different proven strategies that reduce stress, anxiety, depression and anger. Four aspects closely linked to millions of people in this world who have to support their boss, wait until the end of the month to collect the same traffic in the mornings and evenings when they return home.

Taking space for an app like Bloom is giving yourself years of life. That is, this app is going to be like a kind of “teacher” that will start you on the path of meditation and what needs to be done to understand it and be effective in time.

Its greatest characteristics


Bloom is based on these characteristics:

  • Hundreds of guided meditations to help reduce stress, anxiety and more
  • Hundreds of meditations and exercises
  • Variety of breathing exercises to relax
  • Exercises to calm one down to enhance mindfulness
  • New tools daily
  • Daily astrology updates

As you can see, Bloom is based on learning certain breathing exercises that allow you to relax your pulse and be in a quieter state. In such a fast world, sometimes you don't even realize how fast you are going and how the rhythm of your heartbeat transits or how your nervous state can be found. So taking time for breaths allows you to make that stop and welcome whatever comes next.

There is also a great variety of ambient sounds and relaxing music to help us relax and take a nap (and how well it comes). The only handicap is that it is in English and we will have to pull the dictionary to understand some of the emotional phrases it generates.

Even so, an entire app to take into account if one wants to take the necessary time and thus gain a few years of life. At certain ages you have to take things at a different pace and give yourself a break, so if you have some headphones on hand, download the app, launch it and go testing with the exercises it dictates. And you don't even have to follow them, since ambient music is good enough to close your eyes, breathe easy and let things flow; If sleep is better than better, and especially when millions of people need to take pills to rest properly. You have it for free from the Play Store.

We place you to a very relaxing and addictive game to go to the stars and enjoy your gameplay.

Bloom: Better You

Bloom: Better You