In 2021 the first film recorded vertically for smartphones is released

In 2021 the first film recorded vertically for smartphones is released

Perhaps in more than one occasion you have felt bad or uncomfortable to see that users in Youtube they are recorded vertically; however, the reality is that other applications like Snapchat, TikTok or Instagram, have popularized this format.

More and more users are enjoying content, movies or series through their smartphones, instead of televisions or other devices with more inches.

For this reason, it seems that at least one filmmaker is focusing on filming more designed for mobile devices with vertical format.

In accordance with Deadline, V2 Escape From Hell Be the first film with a decent budget recorded vertically to be enjoyed on a smartphone.

Your director, Timur Bekmambetov, wants to be the pioneer of this style of films because he thinks that there is the future of the audiovisual world.

It is not the first time that Bekmambetov He decided to look creative with a production by experimenting with new formats or narratives, since he was also responsible for Screenlife, a movie designed to be viewed from the perspective of a computer. In addition, he made a series for Snapchat call Dead of night.

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The film was released in 2021, although first for Russian viewers. Then, it will reach other territories in English. Obviously, the idea is that it is only available for smartphones, so watching it in the cinema will be very strange.

The vertical format begins a new era

Although the idea of ​​having a vertical format is very hated, it is not the first time someone decides to bet on it.

Even Samsung present The Sero, a screen at CES 2020 that shows content vertically and that it is designed, mainly, so that users have an extension of their social networks.

The vertical format may be considered as uncomfortable, but perhaps, as it becomes a trend, it will begin to be normalized.

Some filmmakers will begin to venture in that direction, although Martin Scorsese He is not quite happy, since, when he released his most recent film The irlands, I kindly asked the viewers that please do not see this feature on the screens of their smartphones.

With this it is clear that the cinema is living an important evolution. Technology and techniques have completely changed the way we consume a certain content.

Not only can filmmakers begin to adapt to mobile screens, but also Soon the projectors could be retired to be replaced by LED screens.

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