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Huawei can be company number 1, even without Google


Google has been one of the bases on which Huawei has been supported for a long time, more than anything to strengthen and grow even more in the mobile market. Nevertheless, it does not seem to be indispensable for the development and support of the company's success, or is what can be deduced from the recent words of Ren Zhengfei, CEO of Huawei.

Thanks to the interview that CNN has made to the executive, we can reveal the good future that the Chinese company is preparing, taking into account the possibility of not including Google if it turns its back on the request of the Donald Trump cabinet.

The days are still happening and Huawei still does not see the light at the end of the tunnel of the problems that the United States posed several months ago thanks to the supposed links of the company it has with China. The American country has said it has strong suspicions that Huawei teams open a "back door" that gives way to spying on your private data. "

Chinese manufacturer Huawei

As it was expected, Huawei has maintained its firm stance from the beginning, claiming that all its operations and terminals are based on the honesty and well-being of its consumers, without representing any danger to their interests or any country.

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After all this, Ren Zhengfei has been one of the spokesmen who has defended the face of the manufacturer. This, in the interview that CNN did to him, has affirmed that, if not for the obstacles that EE. UU. He has put it, they have been large and numerous the firm has been able – and can – become the largest and most important smartphone manufacturer in the world, title that Samsung currently owns. However, he is optimistic and comments that he has plans that would lead him to it.

“We will have to resort to alternatives. If those alternatives mature, I think it will be less likely to return to the previous versions, ”Ren added in the interview. “It's a critical moment for all of us, I hope the US government. UU. I can consider what is best for American companies. ”